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Video Production

This is the CommercialProduction.TV specialty. CommercialProduction.TV offers deep discounts on video for use on TV, your website, and social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere you can imagine. Thousands of companies use our videos at trade shows, in their retail locations, and in movie theaters. Our videos produce results at a cost that makes sense -- using real Hollywood actors from our Burbank, CA studio.

Ultra High Quality for $100,000+ Look

CommercialProduction.TV is a subsidiary of LA Castle Studios, a big-time Burbank, California studio. LA Castle Studios has been hired by every major network for recording TV shows, commercials, movies, and more. Using our special CommercialProduction.TV formula, the HD studio technology so loved by the major networks is now available to you at a special discount price. And the production process is so simple! When you book your production, you'll receive by email what's called our EZ Creative Form. You'll provide a little information, choose your Hollywood actor and set, and we'll get to work on your production. If you need any help at any time, a professional video producer is just a phone call or email away. 

Beautiful, Custom Sets

Our unique technology allows us to customize beautiful sets for our clients. We'll use your logos, images, photos, website screenshots, product videos, or any other visual media to customize a set for your product or business. Don't have images? No problem! Your producer will help you find the perfect images for your video.

Hollywood Actors

CommercialProduction.TV's unique location in the media capital of the world, Burbank, California, gives you access to Hollywood's best actors. Imagine what could happen if you had a Hollywood actor on a beautiful set speaking about your business, product, or service!

Pricing Info & Notes

Note 1: Other video production companies’ 30 second commercials at this level normally cost $50,000 or more. You'll pay just a small fraction of that, leaving you almost $50,000 or more to spend on airtime or to put into your pocket. What’s the difference between their $50,000 productions and our less expensive productions? Ours are much better! Better cameras, better lenses, better sets, and better format.

Note 2: With our gorgeous sets, customized just for you, your product or company will stand out. You have a choice of eight customized million dollar sets. Or use our innovative (and spectacular) network news format, and receive a huge increase in credibility versus standard video production or commercials. That means increased sales.

Note 3: This is the fastest, most convenient format for video production ever. We can have you on TV or on the internet within three weeks. Because we hire professional actors to represent your firm, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office. Your TV commercial, website video production, or corporate video production will simply be the best in North America, with no inconvenience to you. You will look like a Fortune 500 company, and save tens of thousands of dollars!

Note 4. We make video production efficient, clear and simple. We are so inexpensive, you pay upfront -- usually by debit or credit card, so you are fully protected. Your commercials and videos will be produced with our professional spokespeople, or you may appear onstage at our studio in Burbank, California.

Note 5: You can air on whichever TV stations or cable systems you’d like. We will also upload your HD commercial or web video production for free to YouTube — you’ll receive free promotion around the world! We will deliver your original file electronically. You may then copy and distribute to your TV stations and websites of choice. Some stations will request that we upload your commercial to their FTP. We will gladly perform this service if requested for a fee of $75 per commercial per location.

Note 6: With our price, quality, and convenience, it’s a complete no-brainer! While this offer is in effect, we urge you to purchase as many commercials or video productions as you can (just call to lock in the price — you can take as long as you need getting your scripts written etc.), because we can guarantee that our prices have only one way to go — and it’s not down. You may end up saving tens of thousands of dollars by purchasing immediately.

Note 7: For the best discount high definition half hour infomercials on the market, you’ve found the right place! We’ll save you 90% on the cost of production vs. our competitors (that’s not a misprint — we will save you 90% — or more), and you’ll end up with one of the best infomercials on television. We’re talking camera cranes, million dollar custom sets, and some of the best HD cameras and lenses in Hollywood.

Call 1-818-861-7317 today and we’ll have your big-time network-quality commercial or video ready within three weeks! By the way, we advise you to hurry, and to order as many commercials and video productions as you can now. Our prices can’t stay this low for long — we’ve had a huge response. Please don’t say we didn’t warn you!