Video Introduction


How Do We Do It?

We Already Have the Best Studio in Hollywood. 

Like other Hollywood studios, when we're not shooting for ABC, NBC, CBS, HBO or Disney, we sometimes have open days. Rather than sitting empty, we'll shoot your spot, making us some revenue on what would otherwise be a wasted day, and saving you a ton. You'll choose from our 20+ stunning sets and then we'll customize that set just for you. 

We Have Leading Film Equipment. 

We already own the same cinema cameras used on the Netflix series Ozark (nominated and likely the Emmy winner for Best Cinematography, Netflix' Orange is the New Black, Netflix' Anne with an E, Netflix' Master of None, AMC's Better Call Saul, HBO's The Deuce and Animals, Warner Bros.' beautiful movie Crazy Rich Asians, and many others, so there are no equipment expenses that other producers have, and your spot will receive the benefit of being shot with elite We've got the gear -- we want to shoot with it. 

We Have an Amazing Crew.

Our crew is here getting paid whether we use them or not. So we use them, and you save the money. 

We have great professional actors, but like our studio, they have gaps in their schedules too. They want to keep busy, so they give us a great deal. 

We Have In-Demand Actors.


  1. Call 818-861-7317 or contact us by form / email to place your video production order.

  2. Automatically receive our EZ Creative Form in your email.

  3. On your own, or with the help of one of our producers over the phone or by email, using the EZ Creative Form, choose an actor, choose a set, and provide some additional information.

  4. We record your video. If you choose to do so, you can watch live online as we record.

  5. Our editors edit your video and send you the finished commercial via email.

  6. Use your video however you like. On TV, YouTube, and your website. It’s yours forever. No hidden fees!

The CommercialProduction.TV production process is simple, fast, and your video is guaranteed to look fantastic.

How Does the Production Process Work?

We’ll customize the set you choose with your logos, images, etc. that represent you well and then we’ll hire a professional actor to represent you. The video will look stunning and will give you instant huge credibility.

What Will My Video Look Like?

What’s the Price?

Pricing is conveniently flat rate — and varies often due to studio availability and other factors. Please contact us for a quote.

We have thousands of samples available — please visit the “Samples” page here: or our YouTube channel here:

Where Can I See Samples?

Absolutely. We’ve produced thousands of these so we know what works. Many of our clients are repeat because these videos are so effective. And many clients use their videos for years — because they last and look stunning.

Are These Videos Effective?