What is your pricing?

Other video production companies’ 30 second commercials at this level normally cost $100,000 or more. Ours are just $5,000 for 30 second commercials or videos. Longer videos or commercials cost a little more.

That leaves you $95,000 or more to spend on airtime or to put into your pocket. What’s the difference between their $100,000 productions and our less expensive productions? Ours are much better! Better cameras, better lenses, better sets, and better format.

What does my order include?

You have a choice of customized million dollar sets. Or use our innovative (and spectacular) network news format, and receive a huge increase in credibility versus standard video production or commercials. That means increased sales.

After booking your spot, you’ll choose a professional actor from our roster to represent your firm.

We can help with script writing, or you can write your own script.

When we have your set choice, images for the set, and actor selection, we will record your video and deliver it to you as soon as we have spare studio time.

When you receive the video or commercial, it’s yours to use as you choose, for as long as you’d like. There are never any hidden or continuing fees.

Can I use my commercial on TV?


We will upload your 4K commercial or web video production for free to YouTube — you’ll receive free promotion around the world! We will then deliver your original file to you electronically. You may copy and distribute to TV stations and websites of choice. Some stations will request that we upload your commercial to their FTP. We will gladly perform this service if requested for a fee of $75 per commercial per location.

What’s the production process?

  1. Call (818) 861-7317 or contact us online to place your video or commercial order.

  2. Automatically receive our EZ Creative Questionnaire in your email.

  3. On your own, or with the help of one of our producers over the phone or by email, using the EZ Creative Questionnaire, choose an actor, choose a set, and provide some additional information.

  4. We record your video. If you choose to do so, you can watch live online as we record ($100 extra).

  5. Our editors edit your video and send you the finished commercial via email.

  6. Use your video however you like. On TV, YouTube, and your website. It’s yours forever. No hidden fees!

The CommercialProduction.TV production process is easy, fast, and your video is guaranteed to look fantastic.

After ordering, how quickly will I receive my video?

Call (818) 861-7317 today and we’ll have your big-time network-quality commercial or video ready within three weeks!