About Us

CommercialProduction.TV is the discount site of one of the most technologically advanced studios in the world.

We’re able to offer big-time TV commercials and website videos that give our clients instant credibility at the lowest prices in North America. Our family-owned private company first opened its doors at its beautiful Florida location in 2008. Then, in 2012, the company built its fabulous new Los Angeles location (Burbank to be exact — the media and studio capital of the world), making L.A. Castle Studios one of Southern California’s premier production facilities.

We produce some of the best high definition Internet (online) videos, website videos, investor videos, TV commercials, and infomercials in the industry, at pricing considered to be so low that many people are afraid we are too good to be true.

While no one disputes that we are offering an amazing deal for our clients, it’s actually great for us too. When we are not shooting beautiful and inexpensive videos for our business clients, we are shooting TV shows for CBS, NBC, Disney, CW, BBC America, NHK (Japan), Viacom (MTV and Spike), Turner (TruTV), and Discovery Networks (Animal Planet & TLC), Amazon Prime, Netflix, and many others.. We believe it is safe to say that no competing company in our price range exists that is entrusted to shoot by the leading entertainment and media companies in the world. Nobody but us.

Between these TV show shoots when our spectacular studio would otherwise be sitting empty, we stay busy by shooting our discount videos for clients all over North America. So by offering a great deal to our thousands of business clients, saving them tens of thousands of dollars, we are actually helping ourselves by keeping the revenue flowing. Everybody wins!